Historical calendar (based on selected date)

I’m looking for a calendar that I can add historical dates to. I write a post about a historic event and add the date (to a custom field?). In the calendar it shows that specific date then has a post/topic (similar to the native WP calendar that shows a calendar with dates that were posted on - but those are post-dates (when the post was published) - I want to be able to show my posts on the dates something occurred.

People can browse the calendar (per month, per year) and click on marked dates (either in bold, underlined, different color). Hovering over it would be great if the post-excerpt was shown (in a pop up/balloon), but that would be 'nice to have. If people click on a date, all posts for that specific date are shown (excerpts, I figure) or complete posts.

Any suggestions for a plugin (all I see are event-plugins, which are for future dates, not past ones, with a lot of overhead)? Or a plugin that could be customized (for a reasonable fee)?

Thanks in advance!