Looking for WORDPRESS THEME, details inside.

Hello, i’ve search not found, what i’m looking is election wordpress, that have this 3 MUST feature:

  1. On the home page, i need a squares (like a table), to show the candidate pictures, with short info.

  2. I need at that square to have option to click on “VOTE” then it will show the percentage of that candidate.

  3. Then if a user click on that square (candidate picture) it take him to the full page of this candidate, there he can read the full story of his candidate, program, etc…


Any have ideas which wordpress theme i can use??

I doubt you will find exactly this out of the box but that said it is probably a case of finding any theme you like the look of and just add a poll based on candidate options.

If you find the right poll plugin (have a look on codecanyon) then it probably is not even that bigger job

ok, thanks.

Is there any LOOK ALIKE theme…that i can turn into election theme?

Like you know…product…so instead product image i put the candidate pic.

Is very simple. Did you tried to use page builder with any theme?
You can create one page where you can have images, under to be text and here link to other page…



Also you can do this fast on html or joomla with page builder.

Tha’s very true but they want a poll i.e. counting % of votes per candidate so it has to be easiest to create a picture poll (like this or this) using candidate images as options and just embed that in more or less any theme.

@koyn - it’s rare to find out of the box themes with polls in them but the two plugins above will work with most themes and then as @payothemes said you just link these poll images to secondary (candidate) pages - it’s very simple.

Thank you very much!

I will try this.