competition and voting theme

Hi everyone, I am looking for a WordPress theme, containing a new websites set up with a booking system, meet the judges section, about the event section, FAQ’S, entrant and voting. For the entrants we want there to be a mix of simply click to enter the award once registering and the public can do the same when it comes to voting for them for these ones, simply just clicking. We also want some category’s only enterable by putting at least one character in the description box (maxed at 200 characters) and not open to the public to vote for – ones that we can pass on to our judges to judge. Lastly, a booking system with a paypal or similar set up, where when the attendee selects a ticket amount it calculates how much their purchase will be with the VAT added on and only bookable by following the payment process. Can anyone suggest a theme, which have all the features? registration for entrants and voting for public and on and off for voting, and above all. Any suggestion would be helpful. Thank you Gur

It’s hard to follow the exact request but this is 100% going to require a custom build to get even close.

If you have a sensible budget then you can look on