Looking for video template for boat trip

Hi all,

I am looking for a video template for my client for boat trip business and i have been looking all items here and so far found this template on videohive : my travel map, but it still won’t do the job.

The boat has many trips to sell so the template should be able to present individual trip that my client wants to sell, so i can just update for each trip on the template

The template should have the following :

  • map of the trip ( similar to my travel map or better )
  • Each trip has some stops on island or snorkeling/diving spot, so the template should also allow me to show the profile or activities on each stop, similar to my travel map.
  • The path of the trip should have an icon of a boat (schooner will be great) instead of line
  • The intro should have the logo and the title of the trip and allow seconds to show the boat profile/showreel
  • The ending should have social media info
  • The video should be not more than 4 minutes

Anyone can redirect me to a product that meets with the above ?

Thank you.

That’s quite specific so 99% sure you will either need to commission a custom production or start with something that does par tof it and add or develop it up to include all you need

Either way will do but it would be easier for me to just drag and drop or change the text etc as I have so limited expertise on after effects. If there is template available on envato and easy for me to do, I will certainly take it, but if not, custom work is the only option.

The problem you have is that even if you paid to build the perfect solution, after effects is not really as simple as drag and drop to correctly adjust content let alone re-routing the path log the bot that shows the route.

I am afraid that what you are after may be quite a bit bigger and more expensive than you realise especially if there are several trips to create.