Looking for TRAVEL AGENCY - WORDPRESS THEME with Booking

Good evening everyone!

I’m currently on the hunt for a Wordpress Theme for a friend’s Travel Agency website.
Essentially, we’ll just need a basic Booking functionality for Transfers / Tours so the user can check whether a tour/transfer is available at a specific date, and then he’ll proceed with a form submission which will let the owner of the Agency know about the specific dates/locations that the client has asked for.

No need for any payment gateways or online bookings at this point.
We’d like the search-bar to have a Pickup location & a Drop Off location in 2 different inputs, ideally with a pin-location on google map in both inputs.
We’re looking for something similar to this.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @LeoKost,

You can check:


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Thank you for your reply!

I’ve been searching that specific section, however I was wondering whether someone had any specific suggestion since the Booking System and the fact that we need the search forms to have 2 inputs (pick-up & drop-off) redirecting to a google-maps pin, are really specific in terms of requirements!

If you check those themes you will find many with Booking System integration. But for your requirements maybe you have to customize the theme or theme bundle plugins with the help of a developer. Hope you will get more specific suggestion from the community but better if you check those from your side.

What is the form connected to to determine availability? I.e. where is that information coming from?

Presumably it’s not just a request and you actually want to check the availability (and potentially costs etc) live?

Personally I would not look at themes and instead look at booking plugins on CodeCanyon like Chauffeur Taxi Booking System for WordPress Preview - CodeCanyon which can then be added to a more broad choice of themes once you have the critical functionality sorted.

Again a lot of this is very dependent on the back end information as much as the front end delivery.

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First of all, thank you all and I really appreciate your quick responses!

Basically what we wanna do is have a form on the top of the website which has the following inputs:

  • Pickup location (you should be able to pinpoint a location through google maps maybe?)
  • Drop-off location (you should be able to pinpoint a location through google maps maybe?)
  • Date 01
  • Date 02
  • Amount of people

It doesn’t necessarily have to actually search any availability, now that I’m thinking of it. It can just have a functionality, like a pop-up window, which lets the user know that they’ve submitted their request and the agency will get back to them with an e-mail.

However, once that form has been submitted, we’ll need to be able to check those specific dates & locations through an internal booking system, and if there’s availability, we’ll manually register a new booking into the system. We can do this whole thing manually.

So basically what’s essential is the search/request form, and then a typical booking mechanism so we can manually input bookings.

The plugin we shared above looks perfect for what you need (just disable the choosing the vehicle bit)?

At first sight, indeed. However I just tried to use their form and it won’t let you pick a specific point through google maps. You’re forced to select an address through the input-form, and the issue is that where we’re going to operate there are some routes that have no address names! (Santorini!)

It’s possible to add co-ordinates to a form using a Google maps but almost certainly going to require custom development or potentially API integration.

Try this Contact Form 7 extension for Google Map fields – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

Or better still https://www.gravityforms.com/add-ons/gravity-geolocation/

Then you can just add a basic form to any theme and use this to apply the coordinate element

I was going through with the same query and finally found this post. Lets see if it gonna help me in my search for similar theme for quite a bit different niche but still I would love to see coders sharing their reviews.

Following this.

Still looking for a theme proposal! Up!

Thanks in advance!