Airbnb Wordpress theme like

Hey Envanto :slight_smile: !

I am looking for a Wordpress Theme for a Bed & Breakfast directory (Like airbnb or abritel for example) with, at least, the following features :

  • Map Search form with custom fields
  • Or at least with the following filters :
  • By date
  • By number of guests
  • By Google Map location and by geolocation
  • By price
  • By categorie
  • By keyword
  • Paid Membership system
  • Possibility for Paid Members to add their own Item
  • Booking system with calendar working with the search form (Paid later is great) that send the booking request to owner of the item

I already bought Javo Directory ( It’s the perfect theme but unfortunatelly they are too many features missings (Like the custom filters by date / number of guests / price etc … )

I love the design of Adventurer, but they don’t have all the features I’m looking for :confused:

If you know a theme I will be glad to take a look ! :smile:

You can try with our product:


Yes I saw your theme. But they are too many features missings like paid membership or custom fields in search form :confused:

Hi FolkenVIII,

Wait few days, a new wp theme coming out soon with all your needs ( if Envato wants to validate quickly … )

Be patient :wink:

Is it xhunt ?

If you have some screens or demo website I’ll take a look to see if I can wait a few more days.

Pm send !!!

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Thanks :smiley:

Hi Bluezmedia

Can i have some screens or demo website too!

Am interested in the same thing.

(With the MORE tab clicked on my wordpress but cant seem to find any themes suited to that idea)

Instead of the 5 different filter options only need 3.

Much appreciated if you could help :smile:

This theme has everything you want.
With minor changes will certainly meet your requirements.

Good Luck

Hi Bluezmedia,

Do you have a theme like airbnb? Could send the link or photos?


We actually just created a theme like
If you are Interested, here’s the link: