Looking for theme similar to how Turbo Tax and Rocket Lawyer is laid out with answer based workflow.

I am looking for a theme to build something similar to Rocket Lawyer or Turbo Tax where a user can answer questions and go through a process to achieve an outcome - like with Turbo Tax where you answer a bunch of questions and put in data - out spits your taxes.

If you look on Codecanyon for ‘multi-step form’ there are lots of plugins that could be applied to different themes

Thanks @charlie4282! I appreciate that starting point!

So, another criteria is that the form I am trying to create will have subsequent questions based on previous answers/responses (like Turbo Tax/Rocket Lawyer). If this sounds like it can only be done with custom code then I will stop looking - but would like to know if it sounds reasonable that it may exist out there.

This type of thing can be done (definitely won’t find it as out of the box versions) I think with some more advanced plugins - can’t look now but will have a look through some later

Have a look at https://preview.codecanyon.net/item/eform-wordpress-form-builder/full_screen_preview/3180835 and