Looking for resource file from a very old tutorial

Hey guys!

Is there a way to be able to get the resource file for this tutorial to actually download? or is it dead and gone?


I happen to LOVE this particular tutorial and remember the C4D file that came with it had a really nice lighting setting that I miss having. I know this is a long shot but does anyone have the old tuts+ premium work files that would download with premium back in the day?

Thank you!

I’m afraid it’s unlikely… we migrated the whole Tuts+ site from WordPress to another platform years ago, and one or two things were lost in the process. This looks like one of them (sorry).

Ohhh damn!

Thank you so much for replying!!!
I’ll just move on with my life and obsess about something else :slight_smile:

I spoke too soon. Michael, our legendary data wizard, has found them in the depths of our old repositories… https://s3.amazonaws.com/cms-assets.tutsplus.com/uploads/users/30/posts/14307/attachment/040_typography3dRender.zip Enjoy!

Holy meatballs Batman!!!

Tell Michael that he’s a genius and thank you both for digging into this for me - thank you thank you thank you!!!