Looking for real estate rating website



Hello All,

This is my first Topic and I am very newbie in the website business.

I am looking for a simple website, very similar to tripadvisor but only for rating and comments.
So people can rate and add comments on buildings, areas, cities maybe… it is oriented for real estate.
So it is basically for rating and of course there should be a search tool.

As I am reading wordpress would do the needed. But all templates i found are for renting or selling



You can check this theme out:


It has most of the Rating Elements. If it’s for Real Estate, we can change the color and modify the design, add some property inventory and your site is ready.

My contact is bedellcarleton@gmail.com or your can connect on SKYPE at bedellinternational or glonetextechnologies.


try checking real estate themes here -> http://goo.gl/LhDfJS



But they are more real estate (buying and renting) oriented website
I want something more into rating in a very easy way
Exactly like tripadvisor but without the ability to check other websites prices


I can help you with that project. Contact me on: mehtiyevmehti@yahoo.com