Looking for people yelling words?

I’m looking vocal samples of people yelling stuff like “Ooo YEAH!” “FRESH” “Awesome” and stuff like that with an over the top attitude :smiley:
Tried to search from audiojungle for a while with no results…
Can somebody help me :slight_smile:

Could you specific more detail like

  • Genre : male, female.

  • Age : adult, teen, kids, etc

  • Amount : big group, small group, few people, single, etc

  • Location : Indoor, outdoor, hall, small room, etc.

I have my voice say “Oh Yeah” but I’m 2 year old girl, not sure it’s what are you looking for…:blush:

The voice should be like a commercial type slogan,
you know what that Duff man says in the Simpsons type of :smiley:

Genre can be either adult male or female, and very masculine or sexy
Just one person and location in sound proof studio :slight_smile:
and the words for example : “Fantastic” Awesome" Fresh" Cool" Super" and so on :slight_smile:

You can take some inspiration from here

Hello, I could help you with this, I am from London and I’m female. If you are interested please email me through my profile here http://audiojungle.net/user/flossiewood