Looking for partner(s) - Wordpress developers




We are looking for a serious partner(s) to work on Wordpress development part.

  1. The role will be to convert mobile and desktop HTML templates into Wordpress themes (50-50 profit split)

  2. Must be an author on this market with strong experience. Must provide some Wordpress themes examples. Elite authors will have an advantage.

  3. Can be a company or a freelancer (but must work with invoices). Companies will have an advantage. Can be EU based, or other.

Will share cool future projects and ideas with our future partner(s).

If interested email us using our themeforest profile page contact form or here on forum.

Best Regards,



send me message through my profile or add me on skype for detail discussion and my wp projects.
we can handle html to wp all type project.we are small wp developers team.


Hi there,

I cannot see any WP theme aproved on your profile. I am afraid that is a must on this collaboration.

Thank you for your reply.



Hello, I’m interested in working with you. I don’t have any themes on themeforest, but I do have WordPress plugins on CodeCanyon which I hope is enough for my experience with WordPress development. Hoping to hear back from you soon. Thanks!


This is my skype id: theme.stall , please add me. I am interested to work with you. Thanks