Looking for long term cooperation with experienced WP developer

We have a list of woocommerce sites (over 100) that need constant attention.
The tasks are easy for experienced Wordpress developer.

The main list of duties are:
-improve speed of the pages, their seize
-check if site has mobile version and if it needs any upgrades
-fix SEO audit errors (dublicate pages, indexed shopping cart pages, and so on)
-install proper [schema.org] plugins and configure it accordingly to the audience and product industry
-install amp plugin and configure amp versions of products and categories pages
-set up site monitoring via screamingfrog or similar services
-remove unwanted cashed pages or shopping cart pages if they appear to be indexed by Google
and so on…

The tasks are not urgent.
And we can provide the list of things to be done in advance.
You can fix them when you have time.
But since the list of tasks is long we would like to cooperate with developer who has enough time (at least 20 hours weekly) to devote to our projects.

Please reply here with your email or tell us your Telegram ID for faster communication

i am interested to work with you, just get me in touch (just look for abdellatif amerda in google and you will find me in the result) to talk about all those stuffs

In case of interest