Looking for Wordpress/Woocommerce developer for small job


I am looking for a Wordpress/Woocommerce developer for a small and quick job. It will probably be around 5 hours work on an existing website.

The job is the following:

  1. Fixing some language issue so WMPL shows 1 language only before we live the website
  2. Connecting mailchimp to newsletter
  3. Fixing contact form (making sure it says “mail has been sent” when you submit)
  4. Help moving the site to new domain/host

Try www.studio.envato.com - vetted freelancers and protection from envato

Please refrain from asking/sharing Skype or other personal addresses in the forums.


Finding the right developer for your project can seem daunting but you’re basically halfway there just by looking in the right places. Each of the above eight sites is an excellent resource if you’re willing to pay for quality. Regardless of where you source your developers
Check reviews and insist on seeing portfolio work. Have them complete a code test.
Don’t fall for low-ball pricing tactics.
Demand effective communication from your developer.
Perform a paid test project.
Agree on the scope of the job.
We’d love to hear about your experiences with hiring WordPress developers so far. Are there any particular better sites we didn’t mention that you find and hire WordPress developers?

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