Looking For Interactive Process Workflow


I am looking all over Prezi and finding some pretty neat interactive process presentations that fly all over the place and are very interactive and engaging. I am looking for something like that over here in Envato but i am not sure how to search it to get what I need.

  1. I have a client with a process that needs to be visualized. I want to make it more engaging to get clients to stay at their site longer and was looking for a prezi style option.

  2. it will be embedded into WordPress or it could be native to WordPress, although the latter is less likely i would think. For embedding i would think it would be an after effects export or something. A video result is fine, but a presentation would be best.

  3. I am not proficient at AE, so simple is the best.

  4. If the “explainer” AE videos are the best option, are they easy to use?


Hi nuemarketing,

If you need someone to customize After Effects Project, feel free to contact me via my Profile page.

I am available for freelance work.