Looking for help with omniauth or OAuth login solution


First, want to say I’ve purchased a lot of stuff from Envato and I am always happy with the outcome! So it was no question to come here and reach out for help. Thank you for all the great content!

Im looking for a login solution for a military veterans non-profit organization. We are in need of a military service verification or prior service verification, much like ID.me uses to help verify veterans and active duty military, for discounts on products. We however do not sell anything and never will.

Currently our main web platform is Wordpress. Since it provides some simpler means for the other staff member that dont know anything about web development or admin some easier tools. But I am open to suggestions of others and I am familiar with the most common ones (php, html, etc) as far websites go.

Everything we provide for our veterans is 100% free and paid for out of pocket by myself and one other. But, Im doing all the web related stuff on my own and its starting to be too much. So, after multiple attempts at using ID.me’s API, a few attempts at OAuth and loads of back and forth questions with developers from both, I’ve reached the end of knowledge level and the possibility of making this happen.

This method is used for verification of military service on multiple sites already that i frequent such as Vettix.com and a multitude of eCommerce sites that have a military discount option.

All i am hoping to accomplish is a login verification to only allow military veterans and first responders (police,firefighters, etc), along with their families, to be able access the website only. We mainly use Facebook and other Groups for day to day communicating. The website mainly will be used for resources only that we want to provide to our veterans for free. Unfortunately its extremely hard to provide anything free without attracting some un-wanted an un-deserved traffic ruining it for everyone.

So far everything i have come across or can find on my own through sheer late nights of death by google, do not work. Others that have potential require much more work than I am experienced with. I’m a quick learner but i know when to throw in the towel and scream for help.

Not asking for any freebies or expecting any miracles, as i know good talent and a skill set earned, cost money and time. However my resources are limited at times financially, but i am willing to barter or provide anything i have available to support this.

I believe anyone that get this project done will be a huge success as there are many other organizations like ours that would love this function as well. So there would be a great potential for a developer to profit form this and help the veteran community.

Most of the information I’ve found for anything using this method you can find with a simple search in GitHub or any RubyGems listing. Otherwise just do as i did and consume as much caffeine and whiskey as possible while reading through endless google searches :wink:

I will add some reference links to this in a bit as well.

I am willing to do any leg work here and or writing it per instruction. Always looking to learn more!

Our website: http://www.vetsgotyoursix.com
Our facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vetsgotyoursix

Please forgive my typos and grammar, this was typed in a hurry so the boss (GF) would stop complaining im on the computer lol.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone and thank you for taking the time to read this.


Military Veteran
Novice Web Developer
Founder VGYS