Any payment gateway experts? Looking to hire the right person.



I am finishing up a website that allows people to book rooms. I am utilizing booking system pro and woocommerce and have the and paypal plugins. I want to hire someone who has some experience with a booking system and woocommerce. I did all the hard work (I think) with designing the website and setting up the merchant accounts. I just need to get the payment system operating. PLug in some information here and there , run a few sandbox trials and it’s done. Anyone up to the task? Hit me up!



You can send us PM for further discussion :slight_smile:


Envato themselves could use assistance in this area - i have been trying to post a deposit for the past 2 days to my envato account without success - have tried both skrill and paypal with several different CCs (all have limits far higher than my deposit amount) - very frustrated and will be taking my business elsewhere if they cannot right this ship :frowning:


sounds like you are as frustrated as me. good luck getting that resolved.