Looking for Drupal 8(only) Bootstrap Template

Doing a few things:
1 - Creating a new company website
2 - Learning Drupal 8 and Bootstrap, both, for the first time.
Surprisingly - I’m not having a hellish time doing it. BUT - I have raised a bit of a white flag in the fact that I am looking at templates as opposed to redesigning the Bootstrap3 Theme for Drupal 8.

Why? There just isn’t enough support available yet for Drupal 8 for beginners, especially light-coding beginners.

What am I looking for?

1 - Flexible non-bloated Bootstrap Theme for Drupal 8
2 - Not really looking for a framework (hence the non-bloated comment)
3 - Multi-page
4 - Reputable & established template designer
5 - Great support (helping me look like a hero!) ;^)

I’m not helpless by any stretch, Picked up Drupal (8) for the first time 6 weeks ago - and have realized, there is a bunch to learn though I have come a long way. Combined with bootstrap language and twig… I’m realizing I’m pushing a deadline learning when I need to learn while I execute.

Any help is appreciated!


Out of those - anybody have any opinions on developers they like? That stand out?

can you check this "https://themeforest.net/item/ekempt-creative-multi-concept-drupal-8-theme/19524480 "