Looking for Cryptocurrency mining themes & plugin



Hi team,
I am looking for cryptocurrency mining themes and plugins.

The site will have wallet to store earned coins automatically on daily basis entered by administrator.

The mining calculator required to calculate mining power and coin earned for each user and update their wallet automatically.

No trading is required on the site. Users can just login and view their coin earned history.

administrator can select the user and coins that are subscribed by the user for mining.

Please advice me with options asap.



Some of the functionality may be able to be added by a developer, but here are some options for bitcoin, cryptocurrency and mining plugins from CodeCanyon. You can also check the cryptocurrency tag on CodeCanyon

And here is the cryptocurrency tag for ThemeForest as well as some possible WordPress theme suggestions:

Hope one of those will work for you :smiley:


If you need for Joomla, you can check this theme and you can install extensions to have your options.


I recommend you to check [removed by mod - please put only links to Envato Market items] as these templates are mobile-friendly and beautifully designed using BootStrap 3.X, gives your website an attractive look.