Looking for a WP plugin


I’m looking for a WodPress subscription plugin for selling downloadable products, preferebly one that works with WooCommerce.

What I want is to sell a product for a higher initial price, and then charge a smaller price yearly.


If the item is download-able, means, user can download and they won’t ( like to ) pay additional money every year.
What you can offer is at this point to charge them for the support

Paid Membership Pro offers settings for an initial fee, and then a recurring fee. If you protect the download gateway with this plug-in, that should set you up reasonably well and let you protect content that continues to add value to the customer’s subscription.

Hye, i am using paid membership pro plugin for eduma to sell courses.

I charge initial and monthly subscription.
New lessons being added into my courses every 2 days.

However lately i found out some of my subscribers who failed to pay their monthly subscription fee are still allowed to get into my courses and enjoy new lessons added ! :frowning:

How to solve this? Thanks

Hello :slight_smile:

You will probably want to contact the author of that plugin to see if they have any suggestions. You can find their support information on the top of the item’s information page.


Hope that helps!

Thank you KingDog

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Where can i find this?

What was the name of the item?

If it was Ultimate Membership Pro, here is their support page - https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-membership-pro-wordpress-plugin/12159253/support


But i bought the plugin thru thimpress not directly from pmpro. I supposed to get support from your team. Or had i wrongly purchased? I need the supoort. What shud i do? Shud i get the refund and buy directly from pmpro?

You will need to contact the author of the item you bought. But it’s possible if the plugin was bundled with their theme, they may not be able to help you.