Looking for a wordpress theme for cards game collection

Hi, I’m Stefano,
i am looking for a wordpress theme (not for shop) that can showcase my playing card collections. A theme that allows you to build a database with more categories of cards, each with its own summary card (with image) that lists a series of characteristics and then allows you to search with various filters of all the cards inserted from a dedicated page. can you help me and suggest which Envato theme might be the most suitable? thanks for collaboration

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Hi Stefano_Marilungo,

Maybe gallery themes:

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thanks for the quick reply, Yes, I followed the link and visited the galleries, and for the visualization of the cards they could go, but it is not foreseen, at least I have not found it, the possibility of searching with customizable filters in order to being able to search all the cards entered in the database with keywords.
Any other suggestions? thank you very much everyone for your cooperation. Stephen