Looking for a Theme with Interactive Links (Homepage)

Hey Guys,

I’m looking for a theme that has interactive links on the homepage for projects/case studies/portfolio. Like the followings.

THE PERFECT EXAMPLE: http://clapat.ro/themes/pegasus-wordpress/ (used by another company here in Belgium…)

Your help would be grateful :smiley:

Thanks a lot !


That’s a pretty easy task, what are you looking for specifically, you got a few icons, big icons, some photos in mind perhaps? I’ve got one now and I can adjust it for you and submit it and see what happens have you approve it first? It was originally a sidebar toggle on and off project style with the css grid approach, and now I agree I like the databound links to the viewport with the photos of my choice, the key is to keep the routing if you are wanting to add and keep data with that. a.k.a. href="#theLazyWaytoGo" to change your hash on a spa or mvc app. Would you like to talk about the industry, is this the industry you’re looking for? I develop mostly for modeling agencies and modeling/photography studios with small private portfolios, etc. I’ve made a boat load of a slightly different project resembling this. If I could get you want you wanted, and maybe not entirely get too extravagant with animation other than the initial movements on hover of mouse on link. Care to take about it and I’ll have it fixed up for you the way you want and with the people you want. I need another client, you just need to vouch for me and my work if/when someone approaches me or needs a reference or something, a user review so to speak as I’m about 2 clients short from where I need to be, not money wise, just experience wise, I have 6 years but some companies HR folks really dont know they it honestly could not matter any less, someone could be a year in and just natural gifted, mathematic and artistic, with a knack for frustrating CMSs or something lol Also are you wanting a CMS or can I make you a special Javascript based, most likely ReactJS (what Facebook runs on that makes it so fast) along with perhaps Wordpress if I must, otherwise I can provide you with a blog entry side of an app, host it and you tell me what domain you want it on or I can pack it up and push it to a repository or deliver it any old way you want, I could install it but I need a couple more good sites that are sexy and stick out, and i’ve been too busy, are you open to letting me try (i’m 2.) goomaill-ge >), can you wait 15 hours for a mock up? nsd nick s. kansas city. VML Markeitng 1.) nstone101 also what the name and do you have a domain already? I’m off thursday friday and the weekend. Fininshed NY, NH, MS, and ME DOT apps. Pay attention and maill/message me I have steps for you, sorry look a little closer. firstinitiallast101AT