Can any one suggest interactive theme for



Hello Guys,

We are looking for interactive and unique theme for webperts. We already have expert developers and designers but we don’t have much time to spend on own website.

Looking for best suggestions.



In my opinion this is the best solution for you :

  • easy to setup
  • interactive layouts
  • you can create any content with it.


Hi Thezoc,

Thanks for your reply.

Theme you shared it is nice, I already gone through but I want some thing very simple, clean and sophisticated such as:

If you know something similar please to share.


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Interactivity in this case is provided by background images. You need a well optimized theme on background images . Everything I see above it is possible to create with this theme.

But you not find ready-made . You need to combine elements from demos.
Pagination of content you can do exactly as in your example. Because it’s based on columns (small columns left) / 3/4 (large columns right).

Background image :
Top bar above header menu :
Typography :

It’s not very complicated to do with this theme .
Good Luck .