Looking for a Shopify Theme with password protected areas/shop/page(s)

Hi All,

I have been browsing through the many templates available for a shopify theme… I have a shopify ecommerce website at the moment but what I am looking for is a theme that will allow me to create password protected areas/page/shops to display products which are discounted or at set prices for products I already offer that only those with access can see.

Pretty much like a ‘sports club shop’ which has specific products at prices/discounts they have negotiated with me to be displayed only to them and no one else. What I would like to create is multiple shops for various sports clubs for their members to access and get the prices on offer.

For example if lets say the a club called the Tigers and Cougars had club shops on my website and the Tigers received 10% discount and the Cougars received 15% discount because they had custom products in their respective areas only those members from the clubs would have access to their respective clubs and see the discounts on offer as well as the custom products and no one else. The general public would get what ever discounts or prices were displayed normally.

I have seen it on multiple website and would like to offer this to potential clubs especially when offering custom products too.

Is there a theme out there on themeforest that can do something like that?

I hope the above makes sense.

Kind Regards

This is a bit old so only try it on a backed up site or clone of your site but sounds similar How to create a private collection for tagged customers – Sunbowl

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