Looking for a "Read More on Mobile" plugin for better revenue and users experience

hey guys
I’m not sure this is the perfect place to share my idea/request but… :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a premium solution to do what is greatly explained over this post:

Basically, as you noticed, major online magazines are having this
button after a quick excerpt, which:

  1. Recognises the traffic source, and works only when from Social Networks or Google
  2. Truncates the post, and filters those who really want to read from those who simply stumbled upon
  3. serves a 300x250 Ads (BuySellAds or other) which is visible to everyone, and you don’t need overlays popups or full page mobile annoying overlays which affect your SEO
  4. shows more interesting stories (auto or custom chosen ones) below to read
  5. Lets me understand using Google Analytics whether this plugin is effective and possibly, reduces the bounce rate

Does anything like this exist already? Anyone working on it?

thanks a lot

P.S. just found another inspiring / not sure if implemented tool already

Hi Marco, I have the same question, but I still don’t see an answer it. Did you eventually find what you were looking for? Thank you

hey hugocan
unfortunately there is nothing yet like this as I investigated it a few months ago.
those are top end solutions, which consider very high traffic sites :frowning:
hope this helps