Looking for a Onepage Template

Hello, I`m looking for a onepager template as seen here https://www.farmwork99.de/ , in detail I´m looking for the portfolio part in the middle --> https://www.farmwork99.de/#referenzen (the functions if you click on the green button “Info anzeigen” …), along with the floating menu on the right side.
Ideal would be a template for Joomla or Wordpress, at least HTML5/CSS3. Thank you.


The result can be reached with Elon - https://thumb-tf.s3.envato.com/files/219328173/thumb.png (WP version available within 7 days). The cubes design is similar to http://themes.framework-y.com/elon/home-cubes/

The portfolio grid can be done with most of themes, with my one require about 10min of work. The details showed on click feature is difficult to found but I think a very good alternative is like this: http://themes.framework-y.com/elon/home-portfolio-lightbox/