Looking for a grid based theme to make this

I have hired a freelancer to make this site, he has changed css and made it in Divi. When i try to change a text or image the theme breaks.


I would like to rebuild this in another theme that has all the functions this site has now.

I have tried grid based themes but they dont support custom content in the blocks. On one page I have a iframe include a reservation module. I find grids that use only images but I have mixed content in the blocks. I need texts, buttons, custom content, iframe, google maps.

I have also tried the essential grid plugin to make this work but that one is not-responsive with the fonts. Or at least I cannot figure it out.

Any help is much appreciated.

You could do this quote easily with most page bulders

There are some themes that have fixed height blocks (bateau, Jupiter, Stack, salient, etc) where you could add content to get started but again just about any multi purpose page builder is going to be able to it

Well you can say it’s easy but when I use the divi builder and set margins around at 20 pixels. When it goes responsive they dont line up well under each other cause it then has a 20 pixel margin at the left and the one above it doesnt. You get my point? So maybe for you it’s easy but it seems I am missing something here.

I am not overly familiar with Divi but if you ar enot comfortable altering CSS etc. to achieve layouts then have a look at https://codecanyon.net/item/the-grid-responsive-wordpress-grid-plugin/13306812 which might solve your problems or http://www.bateauxtheme.com/elements/equal-height-box/

I do not know any css, that’s the problem. I see all this beautiful themes and they all say that I will be “hardcore fan” and it’s “the only theme I’ll ever need” or “the last one I will ever buy” but then they are not cause they dont have the functions I need and no refund (even though they claim to do everything I want and then they dont do what I want it’s still bye bye money). I tried essential grid and that looks a lot like the grid plugin you mention, but that isnt as responsive as I expect so I am afraid this one isnt either. I have looked at the themes and I can’t find out how to make it as the example just like that. But I will look into it more over the weekend. Thanks for your help so far. :wink: