Looking for a gradually inspiring soundtrack with fabulous climax (2mins)

Hello all,

Im looking for a soundtrack that starts very dark//slightly sinsister, that gradually transforms to inspirational mood and rises to an inspirational climax. Anyone got anything that fits the bill?

Its for an urgent project so all replies very gratefully received


Hi, I believe I may have something that’d fit your needs.


Good luck finding what you need!

Hi @philiphamilton, I leave you here with one:

Hope you find what you need! :slight_smile:

Hi @philiphamilton i think that maybe this is the track https://audiojungle.net/item/epic-action/19917841?s_rank=12 I hope that you will find what you need!

maybe this track ? :slight_smile:

Try one of these:

Hi Philip!

Perhaps these would work. Good luck!

Hi Aquarius,
Do you have a version thats about a minute longer?

No, I dont have,sorry!I now you looking for 2 mins but maybe you can edit with some intro.

Hope you like it.

Maybe this will fit in your project.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Hi Philip! Try this out :slight_smile:

Hello EVERYONE thanks for you your inputs. I have had a lot of pleasure listening through all the sound tracks you’ve provided. All really professional - well done.
I actually need something now which is much longer - more like 15 - 20 minutes as a follow up to the original project.
Budget is pretty good. Looking for a similar idea. Inspirational, starting easy, coming in to a crescendo and positive uplifting climax. It needs to be cinematic, not agressive or edgy. Positive and with hope. It will accompany many images of patients being treated, health care in action around the planet and uplifing messages for the future. It will be a backdrop for a signing ceremony. If anyone has or can do something, please contact me.

Hi @philiphamilton!
Check this pack

All the three tracks have the inspirational and cinematic feeling and also the climax you need!
It might be useful for you!