Logo sting rejection - Feedback please

My logo sting has been rejected - What do you think about it? Any advices? Thanks for help.

Because reviewer had a bad mood.
Because they mostly accept projects from elite authors and do not support small ones.
Because they can do that and will!
Do You need more? :smiley:
I bet if You submitted it year ago, it would be accepted!
Now envato market going down in quality, unfortunatly.
Very sadly that for now there is no competition for envato. Other markets are either not so popular, either the price for products are way to high…
So my advice - the more project You will upload, more chances!

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Abstractly correct!

Look at this:

This project is very similar to your, but contains more versions.
I think that your logo has got good quality, but you need more versions.
Also try add some lines, circles etc.

Yes… it’s looks not bad. But it’s very simple. There are many similar project on AE marketplace. If you want that your item was approved, you should add some new and interesting idea/elements/animation in this project