Hard-rejected (WHY?) - After Effects Project

My project was rejected. Do you think it’s bad? What are your recommendations? Thanks :slight_smile: My project : Search Logo Reveal - - YouTube

Hi, first of all, the animation and design does look good! I can’t see any glaring problems in that.

But now to the real reason for the rejection - look at the marketplace and see how many similar projects there are already. Does your project bring anything unique, original or substantially new? Does it provide heaps more value than those other similar projects, by say having 20 different variations on this search animation in different styles, animation energy etc? No.

So that’s why it got rejected - due to too high of competition in that category and your project bringing nothing to the table to compete with the already approved projects. It’s just about similar to all the other projects, and when there’s already hundreds of these already, why would envato need another one exactly like the others?

Good luck and I hope my words don’t come off too harsh! :sweat_smile:


Great explanation. Nothing to add. Agree :+1:

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile: