Logo cropping


I looking for someone who can professional crop my logo from my website.

Resolution is low. Pay immideately

I don’t have .psd file.

Hi ,
You can contact me.


Vector Resizable, $25

You do realize you have just taken my version removed my watermark and background?

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hi, this is not a psd file that u need but an illustrator one and if u ever need someone to redraw the logo for you , please feel free to contact me through my profile page , u can see my portfolio here : http://graphicriver.net/user/n2n44/portfolio
have a nice day , regards
Nico / n2n44

Hi there, I’ve just gone ahead and removed the image from @StarGrafik’s post. If you could please refrain from calling out other users like that in future though, that’d be much appreciated. Thanks!