please help me guys I need your help! Logo is hard rejected.

Hello there, This is my Logo >

If there is any moderator or any professional, It would be great for me!
They will tell me what’s wrong! and even everyone can help but please honest opinion.

Perhaps the issue is with the leaves (or wheat :smiley:) , which when resized wont be visible at all, making it not suitable for logo work. For example, when I add a logo to my site, i also need it sized at 16x16 or 32x32 for the favicon and your logo cannot scale to that size without losing out on much of the finer details.


my friend favicon is never define logo

:slight_smile: problem is with shape at all, not with adapt to favicon - serious. Do not mess with new author mind.

Favicon is something other than logo, don’t tell him this b…it :slight_smile: please.

@Typps @Novocaina Logo is 100% resizable made in Adobe Illustrator… :slight_smile:

btw, what you think shape is small ??? pls tell… so I can Improve…

If i resized your logo at the sizes mentioned previously, I end up with nothing visible other than circles, that’s my main gripe with your logo. Whether it is a vector graphic is the least I’d expect from you, so good on you but that’s besides the point.

Size is an important parameter when designing a logo. Currently there is too much white space in the logo that you should have utilized. When resized this logo will lose it’s identity.

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okay okay man I appreciate I think you are correct ! That’s why I ask here :slight_smile:

Your logo is not pro,old and repeated.