(Locked) TimThumb error - 403 Forbidden

Hey guys, i have a beautiful blog here :-
Its a theme brought from themeforest, theme name is Twicet.
the author is not replying to my questions, so i have got no support for the theme i purchased :x
But if you see below the glider, 3 small boxes would appear. they are the places defined for thumbnails created with timthumb. for some reasons, they dont work.
heres what comes when i access the link directly :-


i dont know what is the problem coming.

my cache folder is set to 755
script containing folder is set to 755
timthumb is set to 755

the cache and timthumb script are in the root of the theme folder

but i cant get it to show thumbnails.
Can anyone help me ?

What is your web host?

Try using a relative url as the image path to get by this error.

Absolute URL

Relative URL

I omitted the http://techhacker.org in the image path

Don’t forget the slash at the begining there.


when ever I try to use it, it doesn’t load the image. any reason?

Just tested this and got it working on your server. Use the relative URL as suggested by imaginem.

Just like this:

h t t p://www.techhacker.org/wp-content/themes/twicet/timthumb.php?src=wp-content/uploads/2009/08/crush.jpg&w=44&h=30&zc=1&q=100


Edit-Having troubles posting code here, so obviously remove the spaces in the above example.

Fixed the problem with my theme PicTree all ready :slight_smile:

Changed the TimThumb.php script with the latest version:

Thanks @McHummer!!!, problem fixed!!! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, I’m having the same problem I just wanted to know what to modify in the php function of timthumb to use relative path please help ! Thanks. Z

Old thread. Locking it up to avoid confusion :slight_smile:

z1k0s95 can you start a new thread with your question? Thanks!