My reviewer ( that same two times ) see 403 forbidden



So can You could give me answers do you see 403 forbidden in this site:

Please leave country from which You are. Europe( Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Czech, Italy , India, Vietnam, Canada - all my friends from there do not see 403 forbidden.

I do not know any one from USA - maybe USA block Germany servers :slight_smile:

Please click on this link



great photo :slight_smile:


Why even moderators make live harder


Of course that catalog has forbidden, You won’t see my files :slight_smile:


Any one see 403 forbidden for this link?



Thanks, so no 403 forbidden


not for me



Ok I know why they had 403 forbidden - because I make some typo in demo url … but now why @Ivor have 403 it’s veeery strage.


I see the string HELLLOOOOOOOO but got 403 in


You will always get 403 forbidden for folder - NGIX won’t show You files from folder.

Thanks all for help.


I saw Jami’s image and thought that’s what you were asking. All good here then.


Yes, thanks :slight_smile: I was my stupid bug.