(Locked) Phone Number Carrier Lookup

A lot of people use Email to SMS scripts but, none of them tell you if the phone number is under Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc… I’d like to find a script that tells someone:

  1. If the number is mobile or landline
  2. Who the Carrier Is
  3. Where the person/phone number is located (I guess by area code)

Anyone know of a script like this?

What about Twilio Api.

Further info also. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/322440/api-to-determine-cell-carrier

Thanks but Twilio and other API services charge for just a check… I want to upload thousands of numbers so a free version would be best.

So you have 1000’s of known or unknown numbers ( presuming from USA )

You are gonna upload them to your own db, then you want to be able to scrape those numbers and attribute them to a carrier ?

I have no idea how this could be done but thought i would expand on your issue

I have close to 3,500 opt-in cell phone numbers. Instead of using a paid service, I’d like to do it the old way via email. However, I can’t send an email out unless I know the number’s carrier. I need to know if they are Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc…

Hmm but nowadays mobile / cellphone numbers are portable. So you could be pissing in the wind.

If they are opt in why not send them a sms message asking for their carrier details.

Or use a service like http://www.smsmatrix.com/?num_lookup

Not sure what limts are but am sure a clever PHP guy here could hook up a loop lookup for you

If you are still interested, I believe I can write this script for you. Please contact me via my den

Already got a solution, thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

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