Need a Script for Wordpress

Looking for a Script or something that will allow my website to tracker the customer name, email and phone# in real time when the customer put an items into the cart and then the order either is cancelled or the customer could not get the order paid. I need real time email and text to me so I can call the customer and follow up and close the deal.
I also want the script or software to be able to send this to my customer service team too as I grow bigger to do a follow up call to help close the deal. Here is the website.

You will be very hard pushed to get people’s phone number unless they submit it first.

If you can wait in “real time” for someone to have put their details in full before cancelling or failing the payment then most lead forms will be able to do this.

That said you cold calling someone in that scenario if they have not yet opted in would almost certainly Be classed as spamming and illegal