Load WordPress files directly - How ?



My theme recently got soft rejected (5 time), i tried lot of method, but still not approved.
Check below url of my last method which i used.

Do not load WordPress files directly like this: http://envato.d.pr/OMP3/nEp3oI4C http://envato.d.pr/1fyKo/3HzxU3VT

Please help me to find-out solution

Thanks is


Why are you calling wp-admin or wp-includes folder. All the assets you need have to be inside your theme folder only


Yes, but any other method to calling from different folder or any good way


Read the above article. 1.I dont understand why you want to include nav-menu.php 2. whatever Images you have you put in a folder called "images" inside your theme folder and call it using get_template_directory_uri()

You also have several functions available for getting the path:

get_template_directory(): Returns the absolute template directory path.
get_template_directory_uri(): Returns the template directory URI.
get_stylesheet_directory(): Returns the absolute stylesheet directory path.
get_stylesheet_directory_uri(): Returns the stylesheet directory URI.
The biggest thing to note about the above functions is that the get_uri() functions are for getting the directory URI. This should be used when including JavaScript, CSS, and image files. You wouldn’t load something like a PHP file or check if a file exists with the get_uri() functions.