include wp-admin/includes/taxonomy.php

How to do this without ABSPATH?
I need to include /taxonomy.php to WP functions.php file, but with no using ABSPATH constant, can not imagine how to do this.
Guys, who did that trick, tell me pls, how.

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We have the same problem.

Reviewer soft rejected our theme because of this.

  1. Theme needs to properly load files, but also to be consistent as well.
    There are several functions available for getting the path:
  • get_template_directory(): Returns the absolute template directory path.
  • get_template_directory_uri(): Returns the template directory URI.
  • get_stylesheet_directory(): Returns the absolute stylesheet directory path.
  • get_stylesheet_directory_uri(): Returns the stylesheet directory URI.

The reviewer also provided a screenshot where we used ABSPATH as follows:

include_once( ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/includes/plugin.php' );

This is so wrong, reviewers don’t understand the situation and how to use the four listed functions.

Anyone has the same problem?

Same issue, any idea ??