Link to Theme Has Expired


I’m super frustrated, I purchased the Theme Forest, Houzez theme for a client. Account says the theme is still active, and just downloaded and trying to install on WordPress which I’ve installed on my VPS.

I will admit it has been some time, about 3 months since I purchased the theme, however my Grandmother died right before Christmas and my boyfriend died on Valentines day.

When I try to upload, it says, link you followed is expired.

Can anyone please help me, I’ve been trying to get this done for a week on my own with no luck.



Hi @designright4u!

This blog post has some troubleshooting tips for installing WP themes, but doesn’t look like it covers your specific issue. It may still be worth a look, just in case:

I’ve seen a few examples of other people getting the same error message - it looks like it can occur when the maximum upload file size is set to a value that’s too small for the .ZIP that you’re trying to upload.

If you take a look at the Upload Media page in your WP dashboard, you should see the max file size limit listed down the bottom of that page.

If it’s too small for the Houzez theme, there are a few different methods for increasing this:

Hope that helps!

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