Limitations Of Premium Plugins Bundled With Themes Like Slider Revolution Should Be Mentioned In Theme

Limitations Of Premium Plugins Bundled With Themes Like Slider Revolution Should Be Mentioned In Theme
I bought a WooCommerce theme it came with a lot of plugins including
Slider Revolution
it the developer of theme can spend a lot of time informing how much i am gonna save in shape of premium plugins he should also have mentioned that
i can not get to Pre-Made Slider Revolution Templates
i think Revolution Templates & Theme Sellers are Partner In Crime Not Informing Buyer About Revolution


You don’t actually have your own license for any bundled plugin, only the right to use the plugin in its default state.

Additional plugin features that can be unlocked with an official license key for the plugin, such as auto-updates, templates, etc., were never part of any bundled plugin. And neither is any direct support from the actual plugin author.

A plugin author receives a one-time revenue from the sale of the extended license for a plugin, which is usually only 5x the cost of a standard license. For that considerably small amount, the theme author can bundle the plugin with a theme, no matter how many licenses the theme will end up selling, while all sales revenue from the theme goes to the theme author only, but nothing to the plugin author.

It wouldn’t make any financial sense for a plugin author to provide theme users with all those additional features that direct plugin buyers receive, as the plugin author does not benefit any further from the theme sales.

If plugin authors would be required to provide indirect plugin users like you with those additional benefits, no plugin author would offer extended licenses anymore, and you would be required to purchase the plugins on your own anyway.

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theme developers should have courage to tell buyers what they are getting even envato states

What are bundled plugins?

Bundled plugins offer the same core features and functionality as the standalone version of the item on CodeCanyon.

What’s the difference between a bundled and a standalone plugin?

There are a few basic differences between plugins that are purchased separately and those that come bundled with a theme.

Bundled plugins purchased as part of a theme from a theme author:

Can only be used under the same license as the theme they came with (they cannot be extracted or used with other themes)

And there you have it … “core features”.

The bundled version of Revolution Slider allows you to create your own sliders, which is its exact core feature. There is no limitation as to how many sliders you can create, or what content your sliders can have. But providing templates for you to work off, making it easier to create slider, instead of having to start from scratch, is not a core feature. It is an added bonus and as such reserved for actual plugin buyers.

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But doesn’t that kind of make bundling the plugin a total waste of time? How can you create something useful without examples of how to make it work? Surely a few free templates will actually make people want to use the darned thing?

I’ve looked several times into using what could be a great tool for me - only to be led in circles trying to download ‘free’ templates that aren’t free, and giving up after thirty minutes of bullsh*t.

I’ll end up sticking with the more basic stuff, sadly - which takes a lot of the shine off my joy in producing the sites. And also disinclines me to promote the Avada product, too…

While I agree it would be good to make this clearer (given how many “I can’t activate my plugin” threads there are on here), and actually I remember a thread suggesting it was becoming a requirement in the past - I can see the logic and reasoning behind how it works for example:

  • often these items use images and assets which are far beyond something that can be redistributed esp on the scale of people using the plugins

Authors could use place holders but frankly if someone doesn’t know how to set the sliders up then this would be unlikely to help much.

  • often authors give demos content for free post activation to help counter misuse. Obviously bundled plugins can’t be activated so this can’t be done, but at the same time asking them to alter how they do this would then devalue that process