Licensing question about sound effects in Audio Jungle

I am a composer and I want to license a sound effect sample from Audio Jungle to use in my track. If I plan to license my track to potential end customers (film, TV, or internet streaming ) what kind of license do I need from Audio Jungle when I purchase the sound effect to use in my track. I am willing to pay for the sound effect, I just want to buy the right type of license so that my usage of it in my track does not cause any legal trouble when I try to license my track to other publishers of my song. Any advice will be much appreciated.


The only gripe here would be that if the publisher you give your track to wants stems and the SFX sound used ends up as a solo sound in a stem as then that publisher would be basically licensing the SFX sound you purchased.

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If I provide stems where the sound effect is not isolated would that be acceptable?


I would think so.

What kind of license would I need to purchase? I’m just trying to cover my bases so that if my track is licensed by a publisher and released, that I won’t get into any legal trouble. I’m trying to play by the rules. I just want to know how to go about it.