License transfer from a dead site to a live one

I have to unhook my envato license from a site that is no longer active and bring it to the new site.
The license is related to the purchase of a webtheme.
How can I make the change? unfortunately the site was deleted from the hosting (because the annual fee was not paid) and therefore I can no longer access the Qode tools within Wordpress (and of course I can’t even access the wp-admin.php).
Of course I have all the documentation relating to my purchase.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you

You’d need to ask the author but bear in mind that they may not allow people to substitute projects once it has been used.

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I am the author and the site belonged to my wife… who let it “die”. Can I recover my license somehow?
No other site, except the new one I’m building, will be able to have it

You have to ask the author of the theme as per the link above

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Ah ok… I misunderstood. Do you mean the author of the theme (I understood the author of the site :-)).
I’ll do it right away!
Thank you