You have purchased a Barnet-Business Consulting WordPress Theme product
From on the site, but I cannot find the site’s license. I got the license to purchase and everything, but after installing the template, I am asked for a license. Where can I find the license. I also contacted support and they have not responded yet. I hope you can help


Envato purchase code is the key of License. So for getting the license key Customer should to collect the purchase code:


I downloaded this from here
But he dares to give me the Item Purchase Code: and some information
When I copy the Item Purchase Code and put the activation on the wordpress site, it tells me it’s wrong

please make sure you have copy the code correctly and there is no space at the start and end of the code. if error still then please let it know directly to the theme author as a comment here:


How can I tell the tuner? I sent a ticket so far. I haven’t answered the issue. I hope you will stay to help me. I don’t know anything.

I would like to inform the tuner. There is a problem with a code that does not activate with me and it tells me that there was an error. It also appears that my period is six days and that I have purchased the full features so what do I do

It is public forum and we help customer to send them in the right path to get support. please click the link (Discussion on Barnet- Business Consulting WordPress Theme) I have provided in my above reply and post a comment there and let the author know your concerned. hope author will assist you to fix the problem. Thanks

Thank you for your distinguished community
You are the only one who answers my questions. They never answer my questions, and I have purchased a one-year support service
But until now I have not been answered and the error is theirs, and it is not my fault that tells me that the verification code is wrong

I can understand. but the author need to know that you are facing issue to use purchase code in their support forum. I have seen you have posted comment in the theme comment page 8 minute ago. I hope author will reply you and will assist you soon. Please give them time to reply your comment and get back to you. Thanks