License and billing information

Where do I find the licenses I bought?
And my billing information?


License: assuming you are loggedin then from your Dashboard Download tab. Downloads. you will see all your purchased Item there. Just click Download button then you will see a dropdown.
Billing Statement/invoice: assuming you are loggedin then from your Dashboard then statement tab.


Yes I know what you mean but that is not what I mean.
I want to see which license key belongs to which website.
So maybe I asked the wrong question.
I know this data exists because I have seen it before but can’t remember where.

which license you have used for which website this is handled and store by Item Author support systems. You can Contact your purchased Item Author to know this concern. Thanks

No that’s not where it is .
I found it:

yes that one is your Item Author support portal. That’s why requested you to contact Author. by the way you have found great. Thanks