Let's meet each other! i, open to any sort of frutful cooperation and sharing of experience!

Guys, my name is Roman. i am a musician for a while, since i was 6 y.o., now im 25.
im striving to enlarge my personal friends network… if you feel like you are having time to discuss things, music, music production, share some experience… i’d love that you could find me here http://audiojungle.net/user/trinitymusicproduction and put likes to my works and comment them

also my Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/roma.lobodenko

please you can add me there, i also have skype, will exchange it with you after you write me smth…

with respect, Roman) have a nice day)

hi Roman, welcomer to envato :slight_smile: feel free to discuss anything with me if u feel like it , i will be happy to answer and help if i can do so :slight_smile:

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nice to meet you…


r u doing graphics?

graphic designs, yes, flyers not importantly here but a few covers and logos and otherwise i do a great variety of designs apart from GR :slight_smile:

lucky you) i do quite a lot of job except of AJ too…

i love the idea of AJ and Envato, but i really dont love to wait a month until someone reviews your music(((