Last 8 days I have no item sale...what reason it ? please tell me anyone

Last 8 days I have no item sale…what reason it ? please tell me anyone.

Think of running marketing campaign, bro

How many sales would you have normally had in eight days, that’s the important question?

Based on the date you uploaded your first item, the current date, and your total number of sales… the answer is around two. Normally getting two and getting zero isn’t all that much of a variance… these things happen? Have you ever had four sales in an eight day period? If you have, then the reason why is probably exactly the same.

Now, if you normally have 10, 50, 100 sales in an eight day period and you’ve had zero… that would be different, and you’d be right to be concerned. Also keep in mind that summer is pretty much the slowest time of the year, and that starts to come into affect in May, with June and July being the worst before sales start to pick up in September. I think most people would agree that January to April is going to be better than May to August.

I have no sale a few days around…Normally I got around 10-15 sale / day
I don’t know what happen, our profit is too low