laravel in wordpress theme

hello everyone , i wanna ask if it possible to make wordpress theme with laravel framework or this not acceptable in themeforest , i make an intgration in my wordpress theme and i add laravel framework inside it , such as i will make the theme with custom routes and orginal routes , and all the files will be readable becuase MCV and OOP

my ask if i make theme with that way it will be acceptable ? or will be rejected from themeforest

best regards . hisham

I think it will not be acceptable because in that case there is a strong possibility your theme will not pass themforest theme Quality check. Laravel coding structure are not related to wordpress, Laravel worked in MVC pattern.

thanks for your reply
can i make for example a very simple theme with small features to test ? they will accept it or not ?

If you are interested to do that then you can create theme and check with the tests from the Envato Theme Check also you have to follow WordPress Theme Requirements

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hello brother , there is package or plugin to check wordpress plugin like
if i wanna to make plugin not theme how to check it before submit

sorry to say currently there is no such plugin to check plugin plugin quality.