Landing Page Designer

I have a website.
I want to create an additional service for my visitors.
I need to give an opportunity for my site users to create their own landing pages, to create a portfolio or advertising on the Internet of their page where they will offer their services or products.
How can I do that?


It depends if you have programming skills or not. If yes, then program an app to do so other wise hire some one who can do this for you.

By the way nice idea.

So you basically want to create your own site/page builder?

How are all the pages created going to be hosted? How will it be connected to the visitors’ sites?

I have a website. This is a labor exchange. Construction Exchange.
The site is very young, launched in early March. I fill orders for services using a parser from another site.
But the main task is to attract the artists (masters) themselves. The artists decided to attract using a free service with which they can create their own landing page.
This service is not necessarily associated with the site. This can be done on a separate domain, but it is important for me that the landing link of the page should be a back link to my main site.
A regular user enters the site and fills in his data, then he gets a login and password. Next, you must go to the admin panel with your username and password. Creates your landing page and advertises

Prompt the desired plugin or script.

I think this is a bigger job than it sounds.

Creating a platform whereby landing pages are generated as a sort of sub domain to your parent site is not impossible - it’s a bit like a directory or social network for business pages right?

The challenge will be the page structure, unless you keep it consistent for everyone (like a defined social network or listings profile page). Having different page layouts will be very complicated

Unless you have a fairly serious budget to custom create a solution I would start by looking at directory themes to see if that works like

On a Russian blog, I found a guy’s article on how he created a Landing page for his business using the designer
Then he decided to open free access for his clients. When he collected the base of his clients and subscribers, he made paid access to the site builder.
I read in the description and in the comment section, but the developer clearly wrote that it is impossible to open paid or free access!

The license is for one end product so you would need to purchase a new license for every landing page you built and the author is right. is probably the closest thing to what you need but even then I think you will find a bunch of unforeseen challenges

Not quite understood all the possibilities.
I see only the control panel. Create a site here can only admin?

Thanks for the advice!