Landing Page Design help

I need to redesign a landing page for a client and i’m hitting a bit of a design road block. The landing page is used to link to all sub-sites of the company. I’m just having issues coming up with a cool, unique, redesign that will allow for future growth. Here is what i initially designed for them, but they want to do something different and in wordpress… any help or ideas are appreciated!!!

Getting rid of the spooky black background will be activity #1

I want to create new website and I need your help. I want ask, can I change the photos sizes which are in the right side? I ask about this website

Please refrain from opening new posts about the same thing - as explained in your other thread you need to contact the author of the theme but you will need to know how to code/hire a freelancer to do it.

Where I have apply if I am beginner, and I want to know about this website opportunities?

You can ask the author here. If you are a beginner then almost certainly you will need freelance help to make these changes effectively assuming that i is possible. You can hire freelancers here.

You do understand that this is a HTML template and therefore any edits, updates, changes or additions to the listings will need to be made by editing HTML code.