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Hi all,
I am looking for a knowledge base theme which I can use for an non profit organisation. It will operate as an backend, only accesible to members, not public. We have a lot of information in various categories which we want to organise by category. Not tree like.
on the other hand customer friendly like a website [such as themeforest templates] not the tree like dropdowns as you have with dropbox, although uploading and downloading in the way dropbox handles, is required

so i would be grateful for any suggestion.
ps: does not have to be for free. More then willing to pay for such a template



I think no theme will meet all of your requirements. So, if you have budget then you can go with freelancer/developer to customize any theme(related to your required functionality) to meet your requirements. May be you will also need to purchase plugin(s). If you like you can check these membership themes and choose any one to make your custom website:


thanks for your quick reply and the link. I did found some which are pretty close to my demands. yes I know I am quite demanding. this one comes close :slight_smile:

I think I will have a go with that one, and possibly hire a developer for further tailor made specifications.

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thanks for choosing theme and very best of luck for your organization and website.