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Just in case you’ve missed it, the YouTube market for small children is insane right now. Thousands of video producers upload tons of simple animations and frequently get millions of views in just a few weeks. “The Finger Family Phenomenon” is just one example of a trend that doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon.

As AJ authors, all we can do is deliver the music. What you VH authors should do IMHO is create good-looking, simple and effective templates for YouTubers to use in their uploads.

It could be as simple as a waving hand with placeholders to go with the hugely popular “Finger Family” song, or a bunch of jumping monkeys for “Five Little Monkeys”.

On VideoHive this is still an untapped market, yet thousands of these kinds of videos are being uploaded to YouTube every day.

Take it from someone who knows, we’ve been producing kids music for years and the demand has never been stronger than it is right now.

Good luck! :sunglasses:

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As for me, I don’t want to be a part of this crazy stupid videos. I think it’s bad for kids health and mind. Almost near drugs or something like that.
I have some dignity, hope other VH authors have it too.

I appreciate your concern, however these videos on YouTube are already happening, and there’s not much we can do to stop them. What a skilled VH author can do by offering nice templates to this huge market is to help in adding quality and style to some of these uploads.

The competition is fierce, and anything that makes a kid (or a parent) like one video more than the other will likely result in more views. The object should ideally not be to increase the “spammy” nature of this market, but rather to inspire and encourage higher quality entertainment. I hope that makes sense!

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Not sure about the rest of the world, but kids TV in the UK has always appeared to have been produced by drug-fuelled minds. The Clangers, Bill and Ben, Teletubbies, Bodger and Badger, Danger Mouse… I don’t think it does the kids any harm!

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Do you see those youtube videos? You are welcome.

VH authors can upload those videos directly on youtube. Why do we need to create templates? Give me the reason.

Well, it’s up to anyone I guess to decide what they want to do with their time. Being a YouTuber requires a certain skill set of its own, as well as succeeding as a VH author. The more time you spend in either one field, the more likely it becomes that you figure out your strengths and start climbing the ladders. Alternatively, you can do a mix of both, and see what gives more revenue per time spent.

I try to look for market opportunities where demand is ahead of supply. There’s a ton of people uploading kids videos on YouTube, but currently not a single useful template for them for sale at VideoHive. If I were a VideoHive author the choice would be simple, and I would go carving out a niche of my own before anyone else does.

Saturation and diminishing profit margins will eventually collapse all competitive opportunities, but in this case VH is the market where there still is a first mover advantage. Plus, once you have a nice template on your hands, why not go on creating a bunch of videos yourself!

Also consider the fact that as an established VH author you would already know how a template is made, the requirements of market approval, how to title and tag your items etc, so the extra investment of creating just one more template would probably be relatively small compared to the feat of jumping on the YouTube bandwagon and fight massive global competition head on.

Feel free to prove me wrong :sunglasses:

There are so many creepy and disgusting things: spam, creepy ads, porn, piracy, low quality sites, low quality video (specially on youtube) …and so on.
There are so many ways you can earn money. But I think people, who produce a lot of low quality sh**t, have no dignity at all. And don’t tell me that this business of trash needs quality items! NO! They use famous characters like spider-man, batman, hulk. They steal so many things… They use everything that are popular among kids, and create a crazy creepy mix. What will stop them stealing our products?

From what you write I take it that you are displeased with the Internet as a whole, or rather, the truckloads of despicable content a plethora of “dishonest” people are creating. While you may be absolutely correct about the lack of “dignity” in these cases, I wouldn’t throw the whole YouTube community overboard on the sole basis of some (OK, a lot) content being below par (or worse).

Take a look at some more “decent” examples where the educational part of the presentation is readily more apparent than in the average “frozen elsa hulk spiderman” fodder:

These videos also have a LOT of views, not only because kids enjoy them but also because parents approve.

Simply creating a template with a nice looking alphabet, a few basic things in distinctive colors or some funny characters could inspire video makers to get started and join in on the fun.

Now I’m no expert in what level a VH template need to be in order to meet approval, but I would be equally surprised and disappointed if authors and reviewers wouldn’t be able to reach an understanding, for the good of the VH market.

About some people stealing templates, I’m guessing that’s already the case? Not likely an argument for not pursuing revenue where it is potentially hidden. Creating tools that inspire and motivate to create high quality content can hardly be a bad thing, even if as you point out, the bottom feeders of YouTube may not care much for upping their game in the content department. But there should be a middle-ground in the market, between the full time studios and the “stealers”, people who are willing to put in the effort but may not have all the tools. These are the ones you should target.

I come in contact with these kinds of people everyday, since they are buying music licences from us for their kids channels. Sure, their level of graphic/animation content varies quite a bit, from pro to not-so-pro, but it’s very clear that a large portion of these buyers are not the “hulk spiderman” kind, but rather they have an amicable educational purpose in mind with their channels. If I were one of those I would surely welcome ready-made templates, of say, an alphabet sequence, or a colour presentation, or even a “Finger Family” template, it just makes it easier to throw another upload into the mix compared to re-inventing it all from scratch.

Am I the only one believing in this? :sunglasses:

Internet is huge thing. It’s not only YouTube. I displeased with everything that increase human stupidity.

Look how many dislikes those videos has. Look at top comments in this videos:
I don’t think that parents care much what their kid look at, they just give them smartphone and go away. Kids watch at those videos dozen times in row. That is why they have so many views. But, of course, it’s not my business at all.

PS: By the way, here is 67 cartoon alphabet template

Great! I’m a VH author and I love making cute animations. But how can I get in touch and collaborate with these kids channels on YouTube?

Go to their ‘about’ page on Youtube and see if they have an email address for business enquiries.

Thank you!